Southwark schools for the future

Primary capital programme

In the first phase of the primary capital programme, some £32m is being spent on the rebuilding of three schools - Michael Faraday, Eveline Lowe and Southwark Park. 

Faraday is likely to be completed in autumn 2010, to a radical design by Will Alsop, and will be the first new building in the Aylesbury regeneration.

With £12m recently secured from the government for new school places, some £39m is now being spent on the primary sector including a new building for Cherry Garden special school, co-located with the new Tuke secondary special school - now in construction. 

Gloucester primary school, on the same campus, will also see major investment. 

New places are being created by the expansion and modernisation of Lyndhurst, and permanent improvements being made at Heber, Crampton and Goodrich where bulge classes are being opened, with others to follow.

About £4m is also being spent to modernise and improve voluntary aided schools. 

The programme also includes new kitchen and dining schemes to promote healthy eating at Dulwich Hamlet and Goose Green, and at Surrey Square a striking new dining pavilion is soon to open, partly funded by the Aylesbury NDC.

In this case, as with many others, the investment will also help to secure better extended school provision for the local community as well as underpin the drive for higher standards.

Other schemes include £1m to enlarge and improve Haymerle special school; Robert Browning will also see major investment to regenerate and modernise its fine Victorian building.

It's also important to continue repair work on our existing buildings, with £1m being spent on:

  • new windows and doors for Dog Kennel Hill school to improve insulation and security
  • a major overhaul set for Brunswick Park's dining hall

Another £0.5m is set aside for projects to reduce the council's carbon footprint by measures such as the replacement of old and inefficient boilers.

Page last updated: 27 November 2017