Southwark Inclusive Learning Service (SILS)

The Southwark Inclusive Learning Service (SILS) was set up in September 2007 to offer full time education to:

  • permanently and dual registered pupils at Key Stage 3 (KS3)
  • permanently excluded pupils at Key Stage 4 (KS4)

SILS also offers outreach support for mainstream schools and academies, including:

  • 'Day-Six' provision (SILS 6), which provides continuity of education for pupils on fixed-term exclusions of over 6 days
  • education for young parents and pregnant teenagers at our Young Parents Education centre

SILS currently operates at three sites, each with their own head of centre. You can read our Ofsted reports here.

SILS 3 KS3 centre

SILS 3 provides flexible learning for permanently excluded students and/or those at risk of exclusion. The focus of the work at key stage 3 is the re-engagement of students with learning and positive behaviour, and the reintegration of learners back into a mainstream setting.

SILS 3 provides broad and varied curriculum in a safe and nurturing environment, including:

  • high quality teaching and learning in line with mainstream schools
  • positive behaviour and restorative approaches, enabling students to manage their behaviour
  • multi agency and therapeutic interventions to meet additional needs
  • robust outreach support for students reintegrated to mainstream, including the 'Day 6' provision

For more information, contact 020 7525 1150

SILS 4 KS4 centre

This centre focuses on re-engaging Key Stage 4 young people with meaningful and realistic personalised learning plans that offer clear pathways into post-16 provision, including:

  • individualised packages that allow for time at SILS 4 and time with other providers including Southwark College and Street Vibes (a music based provision)
  • a strong emphasis on work related learning
  • intensive careers information advice and guidance in collaboration with Connexions
  • closely working with partners including the youth offending service, child and adolescent mental health services(CAMHS) and Childrens' Social Care

For more information, contact 020 7525 0370

SILS Young Parents Education Centre (YPEC) 

The YPEC works with young parents and parents to be from 14 to 19 years old. Young people are offered qualifications that support them to engage with further education and to learn the skills needed to be successful parents. 

Post 16 year old students also have access to a range of courses offered at Southwark College, including

  • functional skills qualifications in English and Maths
  • bespoke parenting courses
  • career support and guidance
  • enrichment activities to engage and help ensure that students are on a pathway to education, employment and training

For more information, contact 020 7732 1119

Page last updated: 04 September 2017


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