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Moving house

If your child's home address has changed after submitting your application but before the primary application deadline of 15 January 2024, you must update your child's online application with their new home address immediately. Please ensure that you re-submit the application once you've amended your child's home address so that the change can be recorded.

If your child’s home address has changed after 15 January 2024, you must download, complete and return a change of address form (PDF, 111kb) to Southwark Council’s school admissions team immediately. Please do not return your form by post as we no longer accept documents by post.

Once we receive the completed ‘Change of address’ form, your child's new home address will be updated on their application after 16 April 2024. Once your child's application has been updated with their new home address, it will be forwarded to the school/s you have named as preferences on the application. The schools will then process your child’s application again in order to apply their oversubscription criteria based on your child's new home address.

Page last updated: 24 August 2023


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