Internet skills

Our internet skills pages will help give you the information and advice you need to use the internet confidently.

The internet

The world is changing and the internet is becoming the main way of carrying out so many everyday activities, from speaking to friends to booking activities. It will also provide many of the jobs of the future. It's essential that no resident is left behind by changes in technology.

Our team

The digital inclusion team is here to help. We can answer your questions and provide any support you might need. You can phone our helpline on 07783776066 or email us.

Get involved

There are lots of ways to get involved in making Southwark a digital borough. Our resident participation teamwork with Tenant and Resident Associations (TRAs) in the community. They can signpost you to those that provide digital training on Southwark estates and other digital inclusion projects. If you are a Southwark Council resident, see our about getting involved page for more information.

Find specific internet skills information on our pages below:

  • test your internet skills - assess the current level of your digital skills with our easy to read guide and take our essential digital skills survey
  • internet training courses - from formal training to drop-ins; find the course which suits you, from our list of Southwark colleges and organisations
  • train online - learn all about the internet with our free basic skills guide, which includes video support; find out about other online learning resources
  • join our digital champions - find out about Southwark’s digital champions network and how you can get involved in helping other residents
  • stay safe online - if you're concerned about internet safety, our guidelines will help you stay safe online; there's also specialist advice concerning other issues such as protection from online domestic abuse and bullying
  • our digital partners - find out about the local and national organisations we are working with to improve Southwark's digital offer

Buying broadband

Buying internet access can be confusing and in some cases such there are some free alternatives available. You can find out more information in our digital skills guide and on the Broadband Savvy website. Southwark Council is also helping through its better broadband scheme, which is rolling out broadband across the borough.


Page last updated: 06 January 2022

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