Support for gifted and talented children

All children are entitled to a curriculum that's sufficiently challenging and stimulating. Schools strive to ensure that their provision meets the needs of children of all abilities, including the most able.

This means that in the classroom work is differentiated appropriately, and children are encouraged to think for themselves and to ask questions.

From time to time, it may be appropriate for more able children to be withdrawn for opportunities that provide additional challenge.

Each school has a teacher whose responsibility is to support the gifted and talented pupils and their parents, and to develop appropriate provision within the school.

Excellence in Southwark provides a wide range of enrichment and extension opportunities, some of which take place during school time, but many of which take place during the school holidays.

Most of these are short courses, although some long term opportunities are also offered including:

  • GCSE Astronomy
  • the Brunel University Urban Scholars programme

Page last updated: 23 August 2017