Free, healthy school meals

Frequently asked questions

When your child will get a free, healthy school meal

From September 2013, all Southwark primary school settings will be offering a free, healthy school meal to all pupils whose parents request one.

How to ensure your child gets a free, healthy school meal

You need to provide some information to your children's school and request a meal. 

How to apply

You'll need to fill out an application form, which is provided by your child's school.

How the council uses the information provided to the school

The council will use the information to claim extra grant money from the government.

If your child already receives a free school meal

You don't need to reapply; you only need to provide the information the school asks for.

Providing packed lunches

Yes, you can still provide a packed lunch. However, we're hoping all children will benefit from a free, healthy school meal and join their peers in enjoying the lunch experience together.

What's in a healthy free school meal

Healthy school meals are those which include a variety of foods containing all the nutrients a growing child needs. Our school meals should help children to achieve a balanced diet by including plenty of fruit and vegetables, starchy foods, some protein rich foods, some milk and dairy foods and only small amounts of foods high in fat, salt and sugar. All school meals offered in England also need to meet the nutrient based standards for school meals.

Special diets and healthy school lunches

The free school meals will accommodate special diets. Speak to your child's school for more information.

More information about healthy eating

You can find out more about healthy eating at School Food Trust  and Change 4 life.


Page last updated: 05 October 2017