New course starting in November

Our autumn term enrolment is now open – enhance your well-being and rediscover learning with our great range of programmes, grab the chance to revisit a hobby or learn a brand new skill with many leading to qualifications.

Our courses are once again, mainly onsite at Thomas Calton Centre, as well as some online options:

Saturday classes starting from 13 November:

Fitness, wellbeing and dance

Mindfulness 5 basic steps

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Who the course is for

All levels of and experience are welcome on the mindfulness course. This course will suit those with some or without any previous mindfulness experience.  If you require more information about this course, please contact the team leader at

Course location

Thomas Calton Centre
Alpha Street
SE15 4NX

What you'll learn

  • how to set up your body for safe and effective relaxation
  • how to focus your mind on your body
  • relaxation techniques and breathing
  • learn new skills to settle the mind to help with stress, anxiety and relaxation

How the course is taught

  • guided relaxation sessions incorporating different techniques to settle the mind and body
  • health and safety issues will be constantly monitored
  • direct observation and feedback of experience will ensure that exercises are carried out correctly and safely

After the course

You will have skills to manage the mind that can benefit other areas of your life. To attend another mind, body and wellbeing courses which are available with SALS or other providers

How to enrol

Complete an enrolment form

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Course details


Days and times

Course code and start date


Mindfulness 5 basic steps

2.30pm to 3.30pm

23 September 2021
10 week

£50 standard
£25 concession
£5 enrolment fee

Page last updated: 20 September 2021

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