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Life drawing 1

Who the courses are for

  • adults at all levels from complete beginner to progressor
  • anyone wishing to learn about working from a life model

What you'll learn

  • through both short and long poses, you'll discover how to interpret the figure onto paper using basic techniques of measuring, proportion and composition
  • how to create effects with mark making in pencil, charcoal, pen and ink and other appropriate mediums
  • how to tackle portraiture
  • how to express yourself freely with gestural drawing techniques
  • there will be opportunities to reference established artists throughout
  • the 'Long Pose Life Drawing and Painting' course poses will be extended to 2-5 weeks with an extended range of media used
  • the new 'Life Drawing/The New York School Approach' course will help you explore new ways of thinking about life drawing as taught by the famed artist Hans Hoffman, whose unique approach inspired and influenced the abstract expressionist movement in New York
Life drawing 2

How courses are taught

  • tutor led with demonstrations and one to one support
  • learners can support and learn from each other through group discussions

Materials you'll need

  • sketch book and/or drawing paper
  • pencils of different grades 4H - 9B
  • charcoals (willow and compressed)

You can find an art shop in Camberwell on Orpheus Street SE5 and another one at Camberwell College.

After the course

  • attend further art courses at Southwark Adult Learning Service, City Lit or Morley College
  • have increased confidence in talking about your work and improved time management skills
  • past learners have gone on to start their own businesses, or progressed onto degree courses and paid and voluntary employment

Contact information

Sean Michael
020 7358 2100

Page last updated: 30 May 2018