Southwark Regeneration in Partnership Programme

Beormund Primary Crosby Row SE1

Beormund Primary School Housing Project Crosby Row SE1/New Bellenden Primary School at Peckham SE15

Project details

  • residential new build with new SILS KS4 pupil referral unit
  • minimum development units - 95 mixed tenure development consisting of Private, Intermediate and Social housing units

The proposal

The proposal is to relocate the existing Beormund Primary School to another location in the borough in Peckham which will provide a new and enhanced school. The existing Southwark Inclusive Learning Service School (Porlock Hall) is to be re-provided within a larger, state of the art facility within the proposed site boundary that will see its intake increase from 60 to 90 pupils.

  • the proposed scheme will consists of residential blocks ranging from 4 to 8 storeys, provides a two storey SILS4 Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) facility at ground and first floors; the massing of these blocks will be developed to minimise the daylight and sunlight impacts upon neighbouring buildings to Porlock Street, St Hugh’s Church and to the Lockyer Estate; the PRU has access to a play yard which is located between St Hugh’s Church and 87-89 Long Lane accessible from Crosby Row
  • it's proposed to provide a commercial space on the ground floor in all residential blocks, adding active frontage to Porlock Street and to a new landscaped yard at the centre of the site, accessed from Porlock Street

Community consultation

A consultation event was held at 74 Long Lane (opposite Beormund Primary School), London SE1 4AU on Tuesday 4 April 2017 to discuss the proposal to deliver the housing project at Long Lane. This meeting was designed to introduce stakeholders to the scheme and obtain views about our design proposals. Once a developer is appointed, further consultations will be carried out with stakeholders to ensure that stakeholders make valuable contributions in the design and delivery of the project. Stakeholder engagement is a key element in the success of this project.

What's happening?

The council is in the process of procuring a development partner to deliver a mixed tenure development at the Beormund School site at Long Lane SE13 3RY and the new school which will replace the existing Beormund School. Initial tenders have been received and the evaluation is now complete and the final Invitation To Tender will be submitted before Christmas 2018. Contract award is expected by March 2019 with work expected to commence on site by June at the new school to be built in another location and the housing project at Long Lane is expected to commence on site after the completion of the new school by September 2020 and an anticipated completion date of April 2022.

Page last updated: 20 January 2020