Southwark Regeneration in Partnership Programme

Parkhouse Street 21 to 23 SE5

Parkhouse Site
Parkhouse site

Project details

The site is located on 21-23 Parkhouse Street, and is currently occupied by a warehouse. The development involves the demolition of the existing buildings (warehouses) and the creation of two blocks (Block A and Block B). Block A will be 5 storeys for commercial use. Block B will a 7 storey step up to 10 storeys with ground floor commercial use and 33 mixed tenure homes.


  • HTA Architects

In 2015

  • a feasibility study was undertaken by HTA Architects which gave a number of design options for development of the site

In 2016

  • the council held 1st public consultation in January
  • the council held 2nd public consultation in April presenting a refined design proposal

In 2017

  • the council held a public exhibition of the final proposal in February
  • in March the council submitted a planning application
  • in July the scheme was referred to the GLA for review
  • following feedback from the planning department, design revisions began in September

In 2018

  • the council will hold public consultation for to present the new design in early February
  • take a look at the consultation boards here:
  • to be submitted for planning in late May

Page last updated: 04 December 2019