Southwark Regeneration in Partnership Programme

South Dock Marina SE16

Project details

  • residential new build with enhanced boat yard facilities, retail and parking
  • Adam Khan Architects
Please note that the design team are currently reviewing the previous proposals as seen below and will be consulting with stakeholders when a new proposal has been designed. You can see the previous proposal below
South Dock
South Dock

The Proposal

We're proposing a residential development with enhanced boat yard facilities, retail and parking. It's estimated that the number of residential units will be around 201 and of mixed tenure to include homes for private sale, social rent and intermediate housing.

Fundamental to the proposal is the requirement to protect the boatyard's future operation, maximise the potential for new homes of all tenures and delivery of regenerative benefit through the provision of a new public park, marina related retail and work spaces

Community consultation

Our proposal impacts a variety of people and we want to ensure our final proposal, on balance, makes the most out of the regeneration opportunities whilst mitigating consequences such as loss of river views for local residents. Consequently, we're seeking your views.

We're consulting residents within a 500 metre radius from south Dock Marina. If you don't receiving notice from us about consultation events, view our mailing list (pdf, 140kb) and confirm your address details.

We held workshops from November 2015 to January 2016 on various topics (more information below).

Next steps

The proposed tenure mix is: 49 social rented units, 20 intermediate rented units and 131 market sale units. The tenure mix will consist of 1, 2 and 3 bed flats, including some wheel chair units. 

The planned timetable is as follows:

  • OJEU Notice and the Selection Questionnaire to be issued in April 2017
  • Invitation to Tender to be issued in June 2017
  • Contract Award by November 2017

As soon as a developer is on board, the developer in consultation with the council will engage in very detailed consultations with stakeholders to ensure that the South Dock Marina site provides a:

  • sustainable housing development
  • viable boatyard
  • viable economic activities
  • attractive public realm that will symbolise a sense of place in the area

Previous consultation

Public consultation (No.1)

Public consultation (No. 2)

Workshop No.1: Boatyard & facilities

  • if you're a Berth holder or business operating within the boatyard, have your say (docx, 50kb)
  • took place 30 January 2016           

Workshop No.2: All day workshop

  • Housing & Architecture, Public Realm & Retail and Transport
  • consultation boards (pdf, 13.8mb)
  • took place 20 July 2016                  

You can view a summary of the consultation process (pdf, 13.5mb) here.

You can provide feedback on the report here.

Public consultation

  • public consultation took place at Canada Water Culture Space (SE16 7AR) on 19 September, 5.30pm to 8.30pm  
  • consultation boards (pdf, 13.5mb)

In response to consultation feedback and to meet the scheme's requirements, we've made some significant changes to the proposals and invite you to view and have your say about the revised scheme.

The last public consultation was undertaken on the 19 September 2016 and stakeholders were able to review the latest design proposal and made comments ranging from the density, the design, parking, the public realm and the commercial viability of the boatyard. All comments were recorded and will be fully considered when a developer is appointed. The council is in the process of appointing a development partner who will take the lead in further consultations and designing of the site.

The council’s vision for the South Dock Marina is to ensure that the development achieves the highest standard of design, exceeding minimum internal space standards, as well as providing an acceptable standard of daylight and sunlight, privacy, good outlook and amenity space. 

You can download the consultation report (pdf, 2.1mb) here.

Page last updated: 20 January 2020