Meeting House Lane, Peckham

Meeting House Lane

Meeting House Lane public spaces

In late 2017 Southwark Council’s Regeneration South Team hosted a consultation event to ask local people what improvements they'd like made to the public spaces, such as pavements and green spaces on Meeting House Lane. Higgins and Notting Hill Housing Group joined the event to provide information on the Wooddene and Southwark Council’s new homes team attended to display designs for the development at 95a Meeting House Lane (the site of the old Acorn Estate office).

We're so grateful to everybody for their fantastic feedback on the options and designs for public spaces on Meeting House Lane. Please see our pie chart showing how people voted on the options put forward.

Meeting House Lane Pie Chart

You can find more information below:

We also received feedback on issues outside the scope of what we can deliver, such as concerns about traffic, which we've raised with the Highways Team for their consideration.

We listened to what people had to say and following the consultation, we concentrated on developing proposals for the four most popular options.

Meeting House Lane Map

We are waiting for the works to the Acorn Estate housing to be delivered before we're able to get accurate quotes to proceed with works on the Acorn Estate land, however we should be able to deliver works to the ball court on Carlton Grove sooner and plan to be on site by Spring 2020. We don’t expect that we'll have the funding to deliver absolutely everything on the diagram below, but the great news is we'll be able to do most of it and we're really looking forward to making substantial improvements to the street.

Please email, if you'd like any further information on these works.

For queries regarding the new quality homes investment programme on the Acorn Estate (roof replacements, hanging tile repairs, and external decorations. upgrades smoke detectors and new fencing), please contact

For queries regarding the recent works to district heating network on the Acorn Estate, please contact

For queries regarding the development at 95a Meeting House Lane, please contact

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