Camberwell Station Road

Southwark Council recognises that many people with a connection to Camberwell, whether they live, work or visit the area, enjoy the fantastic things it has to offer. We also recognise that there's room for improvement.

What we're working on

Over the past couple of years, we've been speaking with and listening to hundreds of local people who came up with lots of great ideas to improve Camberwell.

As part of this, we looked at ways of unlocking the potential of neglected areas in Camberwell such as along Camberwell Station Road, including:

  • how to make the road more inviting so that people feel safe and welcome. The road is currently very wide and pedestrians are faced with bleak, semi-industrial land (which is used for parking buses, cars and vans), derelict railway arches, and boarded up ground floor premises
  • how to encourage more local businesses and jobs to move into the area. This will help to activate “dead frontages” (which means boarded up, shuttered, derelict or empty ground floor premises) by working with landlords to secure tenants. This will open up the businesses to the road, helping people feel safer and connected to what is happening in the buildings they pass as well as supporting the local economy
  • how to provide pleasant spaces to relax or dwell on the road so people can connect with others and create a stronger sense of belonging
  • how to improve air quality and public health in the vicinity by providing opportunities for electric vehicle charging, and encouraging people to walk and cycle along the road
  • how to capture the area’s character with its rich history and heritage which, in turn, helps to engender a stronger sense of pride
  • looking at how people move through the area, not just now but in the future. For example, there's strong local support for the Camberwell railway station to reopen, and people will need to be able walk from the high street to the station without taking a long detour. Designs being developed now must address this

Background Information

In 2019 the following concept designs were developed by working in partnership with residents, businesses, land owners, Transport for London, hospitals, Lambeth Council, Network Rail, developers and:

  1. Camberwell Station Road (pdf, 910kb)

These concept designs formed part of a funding bid which resulted in Camberwell being awarded £1.5m by the GLA's Good Growth Fund. This was the third largest allocation in London! Of this £1.5m, almost £1m has been allocated to spend on Camberwell Station Road in order to develop designs further and to undertake works.

Some of the consultation information we've used during this project included:

A huge thank you!

We are so grateful to everybody who took the time and effort to share their views and to the local community groups who helped us choose the designers for Camberwell Station Road improvements. There's a wealth of precious local knowledge and valuable expertise in the area which has been pivotal to our success in receiving the funding to deliver the improvements to the road. Thank you.

Next steps

In May we worked in partnership with local residents and the GLA to tender designers. We are delighted to announce that this resulted in us appointing JA Projects who have already started looking at the road. For example, they are checking what underground services are beneath the tarmac (gas mains, electricity cables, sewers) so they can see what can and cannot be done. Over the coming months, we are going to be reaching out and listening to local residents, landlords and businesses again to make sure we get the designs right, considering even the smallest details. We'll be advertising future engagement events on this web page and via email to anyone who has shown an interest in the project who has shared their email address with us.

Works will start on site in 2022.

If you have any queries or feedback in relation to Camberwell Station Road only, or if you wish to be included in future consultations, please email

For all other queries relating to area improvements please email

Page last updated: 07 July 2021

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