Camberwell pocket spaces

Pocket spaces are a large number of public spaces, roads and laneways throughout the town centre that are quiet, neglected or under used. These spaces can:

  • be unpleasant places to use
  • form barriers to accessing the town centre
  • present real or perceived safety concerns

We believe many of these spaces can be improved or more effectively used, adding to the vibrancy and visual amenity of Camberwell. This can be accomplished through changes to the way spaces look and/or changes to the way spaces are used.

We've undertaken an audit of these pocket spaces and set a priority for improvements. A number of these spaces are included within other improvements proposed, such as the Streets or Camberwell Green, and in some cases will be delivered through development funds. After considering proposals for other investment projects, this work was done in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) and the London Borough of Lambeth.

The following six spaces were considered:

  • Artichoke Place
  • Coldharbour Place
  • Datchelor Place
  • Grove Lane
  • Selborne Road
  • Wren Road

We carried out public consultation in January and May 2013. A Design Concept report has been prepared and sets out the proposed designs and rationale for each space based on the design principles discussed during the workshops.

You can read the reports here:

What's next

In reviewing what you and other stakeholders have told us and taking into account project delivery, we've agreed to deliver Datchelor Place first.  

Our aim for this space is to be well used and a more pleasant environment for residents, businesses and visitors

Since the initial high level design and following further engagement with local stakeholders, we're developing detailed drawings to discourage anti social behaviour, enable better commercial waste storage and increase the space's flexibility.

You'll have another opportunity to comment on the designs and choice of material. The detailed designs will be published and available to view in the local area shortly.

Page last updated: 10 August 2017