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Perronet House garages

The council is currently determining a planning application for the redevelopment of the Elephant and Castle shopping centre. In order to manage the impact of the construction of the new town centre for the Elephant and Castle, a Cabinet report on the 9 May set out a variety of potential mitigation projects, including the potential to accommodate some convenience stores in the un-used garage space at the base of Perronet House adjacent to the St George’s Pharmacy.

What is being proposed

The garages beneath Perronet House are split into two areas north (garages numbers 1 to 50) and south (garage numbers 51 to 67). The northern area is in use with 29 garages let to residents within Perronet House and the remainder either let to residents external to Perronet House or are void awaiting repairs. The southern garages were previously partially let to the Princess Street medical practice but were closed for safety reasons. Part of this space has recently been converted into the St George’s pharmacy which serves the local community.

The proposal seeks to convert 12 un-used parking spaces in the closed southern garage area into 11 retail units with an entrance to the retail space would be from the east side diagonally opposite the Bakerloo line station. The objectives of the project are:

  • provide local convenience shops for local residents
  • provide affordable space for local independent businesses
  • improve the street frontage and natural surveillance around the southern base of Perronet House to reduce anti-social behaviour and rough sleeping

How did we consult you on the designs

  • we held two drop in events in the office space at 91 Perronet House on  Wednesday 13 September 6.30pm to 7.30pm and Thursday 14 September 8am to 9am
  • we set up a project webpage so that people could download the plans easily
  • we displayed the consultation boards and model at Unit 231 of the Elephant and Castle shopping centre from 14 September to 6 October
  • we wrote to all of the residents in Perronet House on 18 August and 14 September to advertise the drop in events, the project webpage, and the plans displayed at Unit 231
  • we displayed the consultation boards in the lobby at Perronet House but were asked to remove these by a resident due to a perceived fire risk and so put up posters summarising the project and directing residents to the project website
  • we organised a briefing for the Elephant and Castle shopping centre independent traders on the 2 October
  • we have organised a number of tours with the tenants of the shopping centre to visit the site

How many people commented on the consultation

We received 21 responses from Perronet House to the consultation, of which 16 raised concerns about the proposals, 4 supported and 1 provided neutral comments. The drop in events on 13 and 14 September were attended by 8 residents who had mixed views of the proposals. The traders event on 2 October was attended by 25 businesses of which 12 expressed an interest in applying for a unit if the project goes ahead.

What comments were made and how are they being addressed

A full summary (pdf, 28kb) of all of the comments made during the consultation can be downloaded. The following actions will be taken in light of the comments made during the consultation:

  • the rear access to the site will be removed with public access from Elephant Square only
  • an operator will be appointed to manage the space to ensure the quality of the retail offer is well maintained with business support for local traders. The operator will ensure the arcade is maintained to a high standard and will act as a single point of contact for any resident issues
  • the layout of the units will be amended to provide a central circulation space similar to Tiendas Del Sur
  • an internal meeting with the councils garages team has been organised to investigate the scope to bring void garages in northern garages area back into use. So far four of the ten void garages have been repaired and will be offered to residents on the waiting list

The design was amended to accommodate the changes above and a planning application was granted by planning committee in July 2018. If you'd like to view the approved plans, visit the council’s planning portal and insert planning application reference 17/AP/4651.

Next steps

The works to convert the garage space into shops is likely to commence in early 2019, subject to the time it takes for the utility connections to water and electricity. A single point of contact for the contractor will be provided to residents in advance with a mobile telephone number in case of any issues or queries. Works on site will be carried out during standard council construction hours, which are Monday to Friday 0800-1800, Saturday 0900 to 1400 with no permitted works on Sundays or Bank Holidays. For more information see the construction noise webpage. The works will aim to be completed in the early summer 2019.

Retail operator

After a tender exercise an operator for the retail arcade has been selected and the contract is currently being completed. The operator is called Meanwhile Space - they're a charity who are passionate about working with the community and supporting small independent businesses. They have experience of managing a number of similar projects across London and this will be a permanent venture for them. A single point of contact will be provided for residents to be able to liaise with the operator on any issues related to the running of the project once it opens.


Email Dan Taylor, Programme Manager on 020 7525 5450.

Page last updated: 30 January 2020