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New homes

Decathlon site

This mixed-use development will include 1,030 homes (with 231 Affordable units), retail outlets, leisure (including a cinema), health centre and a community sports facility.

Developer: Sellar Development Ltd and Notting Hill Housing

Mulberry Business Park

Plans for this site include 770 student homes, 33 Affordable residential units, 610 sqm retail space, 322 sqm health centre and 4,490 sqm office space.

Developer: King’s College London

24-28 Quebec Way

This development will be mixed-use residential and commercial, including 94 residential units and 566 sqm of flexible commercial space.

Developer: London Square

Quebec Quarter

Due for completion in early 2017, Quebec Quarter will have 368 homes, 1600 sqm of commercial space including a food store, café, gym and nursery.

Developer: L&Qee

Page last updated: 26 January 2023


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