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No. 7 Holyrood Street - Call for Meanwhile proposals and partnerships

Holyrood looking West
Holyrood looking West


Project summary

Southwark Council, working in partnership with Team London Bridge, is looking for creative partners to deliver an engaging and fruitful meanwhile use with a business/cultural/creative programme at 7 Holyrood Street. We're looking for a design vision and a strong operational/business model which focus on street activation, attracting footfall and wayfinding. We're seeking:

  1. Designs and an operational/business model for no. 7 Holyrood Street
  2. London Bridge will be a ‘hub’ for the London Festival of Architecture 2019; we're also looking for a public realm/streetscape scheme at Holyrood Street, with the aim of opening up the street to activation opportunities as more sites become available for programming in the future

Timeframe and contact info

The deadline for submissions is Monday 4 February January 2019. Please send your proposals electronically to or by post to: Rumi Bose, Regeneration North, Southwark Council, PO Box 64529, London SE1P 5LX.

If you have any further questions on this brief or responses, submit them by email to by 5pm Tuesday 8 January 2019. All responses will be collated and provided to all applicants by 5pm Friday 11th January 2019.

Page last updated: 10 January 2019