The Aylesbury Estate

The Aylesbury Estate pic

Built in 1960/1970s, the Aylesbury Estate is situated to the east of Walworth Road and extends along the north of Burgess Park.

With the support of local residents, the council decided to regenerate the Estate and in 2010 the Aylesbury Area Action Plan was adopted. We're currently in the process of transforming the Aylesbury into a stronger and more vibrant community, living in high quality homes and whose residents enjoy great streets, parks and open spaces, excellent public transport and a wide range of facilities.

The first new homes were completed in 2012 and the council has now appointed Notting Hill Housing Trust as its Development Partner to take forward the continued regeneration of the area over the next 20 years across four phases. This will include nearly 4,000 new high quality homes, of which 50% will be affordable, great new streets and squares, as well as new community and retail facilities. To view the latest plans for the regeneration and how you can get more involved, see Aylesbury now website.

The planned phases of development will continue the regeneration already complete and underway (delivered by London and Quadrant) with the highly successful and award winning development recently completed in the southwest corner, which provided 261 new homes and the Southwark Resource Centre, and, over in the north east corner next to East street, the on going construction of 147 new homes.

Page last updated: 08 January 2018