Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

How much is my CIL liability?

The total CIL consists of two elements, namely Mayoral CIL and Southwark CIL  (also called Borough CIL). The former comprises MCIL 1 and MCIL 2, the two levies applying to planning permissions ”first permitted” (Reg.8, as amended) in periods before and after 1 April 2019 to fund the delivery of Crossrail. For full details, visit the Greater London Authority (GLA) Mayoral CIL webpage. 

Following the adoption of Borough CIL in April 2015, a Revised Southwark CIL has taken effect since December 2017 (pdf, 327kb). Whilst the revised Southwark CIL rates are applicable to those outline phases first permitted (through last reserved matter approval) from December 2017 onwards, the former Southwark CIL charging schedule rates are currently applicable to some phased developments which had been granted in full before 1 December 2017.

Southwark Council is the CIL collecting authority to collect both Southwark CIL and MCIL on behalf of the Mayor of London. Please refer to the table below for the latest charging schedules of both levies.

Full details of Southwark CIL charging schedule, in terms of submission and public examination, can be found in Chapter 6: Policy Guidance. 

CIL elements

Applying to period in which planning permission was “first permitted” (Reg.8) 


Charging schedule 


On or after 1 April 2012 

Fund the delivery of Crossrail 

£35 per sqm plus indexation 


From 1 April 2019 (may also apply to some phased planning permissions granted before the 1 April 2019) 

Fund the delivery of Crossrail 1 (the Elizabeth Line) and Crossrail 2 

1) £60 per sqm plus indexation 

2) additional charge for Central London, including the northern part of the borough for the following uses: 

office - £185 per sqm 

retail - £165 per sqm 

hotel - £140 per sqm 

*plus indexation published under MCIL Annual CIL Rate Summary since 2020 

*Further information can be found in the MCIL Charging Schedule and the map of Central London can be found at Figure 2 within the Schedule. 

Southwark CIL 

2015 Charging Schedule from 1 April 2015 and Revised Charging Schedule from 1 December 2017  

Fund strategic and local infrastructure across the borough 

Borough Annual CIL Rates Summary set out the indexation-adjusted rates applicable to calendar year 2020 onwards: 

CIL calculator

Use this online calculator

You can use this online calculator to work out your CIL liability. 

Instalment policy 

Currently, Southwark follows the Mayor’s instalment policy under CIL Reg.70(4), allowing 2 instalments for each chargeable development/phase which is above £100k (1st instalment within 60 days, and 2nd instalment within 240 days following commencement). Where the instalment policy does not apply (for example under £100k), CIL will be payable in full within 60 days of development commencing.  

It should be noted that, if instalment terms are broken then the full CIL amount becomes due in full immediately.  

In addition, where no one has assumed liability and the authority has determined a deemed commencement date, then payment is due in full on the deemed commencement date.

Page last updated: 14 December 2021

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