Transport Policy

The council is responsible for more than 300km of streets in the borough. As the Highway Authority, we have a public duty to ensure that our streets are safe, efficient, well maintained and are managed effectively to support our communities and their movement.

Current Southwark transport strategies include the Movement Plan (2019) and the Cycling Strategy (2015). Monitoring reports will also be published on this page.

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Movement Plan

The Movement Plan (2019) sets out our approach to improve peoples’ experience of travel to, within and around the borough. The plan places people and their wellbeing at the heart of our policy and sets our vision for the next 20 years (2041). It includes missions and actions to ensure that we meet our vision.

The Movement Plan (2019) Evidence Base document contains evidence, statistics and trends to further understand the uncertainties we will face over the next 20 years. This supported the development of the Movement Plan.

The Movement Plan and supporting documents were publicly consulted for 15 weeks. The results and analysis can be viewed in the Movement Plan 2019 Consultation Report

Monitoring of the Movement Plan 2019

We will report annually on the progress of the Movement Plan.

Southwark Cycling Strategy

The Cycling Strategy (2015) (pdf, 5.6mb) provides details of how we plan to invest in cycling in Southwark. The improvements we will deliver for cycling will make Southwark a better place for all of us by making our streets more attractive and safer to cycle on, with less traffic and large vehicles.

Annual reports on delivery of the Transport Plan 2011

Sustainable Modes of Transport strategy 2009-2019

The Sustainable Modes of Travel (SMoT) trategy sets out how we aim to help children and young people, including those with special educational needs, to use sustainable modes of transport safely and easily. The strategy has been prepared by the council's transport planning and children's services teams and looks at current patterns of travel and barriers and sets out ways to improve sustainable travel.

Page last updated: 14 February 2020