Transport planning

Transport plans and strategies

These plans and strategies help inform the contain aims and objectives that our planning and highways policies and guidance seek to deliver.

Transport plan

The Southwark Transport Plan identifies how we will improve travel to, within and from the borough. It sets out our long term goals and transport objectives for the borough, a three year programme of investment and our targets and outcomes. Performance is monitored on an annual basis.

Sustainable Transport SPD

New development must reduce the need to travel by car and support people who live, work and visit Southwark to walk, cycle and use public transport. New development must also adequately provide space for servicing and waste collection. The purpose of this supplementary planning document (SPD) is to provide further information and guidance to policies in the Southwark Plan and explain what information you need to provide in an application for development.

Southwark cycling strategy

The Cycling Strategy provides details of how we plan to invest in cycling in Southwark. The improvements we will deliver for cycling will make Southwark a better place for all of us by making our streets more attractive and safer to cycle on, with less traffic and large vehicles.

Sustainable modes of transport strategy 2009-2019

The sustainable modes of travel (SMoT) strategy sets out how we aim to help children and young people, including those with special educational needs, to use sustainable modes of transport safely and easily. The strategy has been prepared by the council's transport planning and children's services teams and looks at current patterns of travel and barriers and sets out ways to improve sustainable travel.

Page last updated: 20 December 2018