SPD by planning topic

Supplementary planning documents (SPDs) contain guidance that expands on the policies within our development plan. The detailed guidance shows how the council expects our planning policies to be addressed by planning applications and how the policies will be implemented by the council when making decisions on planning applications. The guidance contained within SPDs is not formally part of the development plan and is given less weight when making planning decisions.

You can also view SPDs about specific regeneration areas, sites and neighbourhoods (eg Elephant and Castle or Blackfriars Road).

Affordable housing

The Affordable Housing SPD sets out the council’s approach to affordable housing in new development. An updated draft was consulted on in 2011.

You can find further information about Affordable Housing SPD here. Southwark’s Shared Ownership Affordability Thresholds for January 2019 are available here (pdf, 79kb).

Design and access statements

The SPD below sets out how applicants should prepare design and access statements to accompany a planning application.

You can find further information about Design and Access Statements SPD here.

Development viability

This SPD sets out how the council expects applicants to approach viability issues, including full viability assessments, as part of a planning application.

You can find further information about Development Viability SPD here.

Residential design standards

The residential design standards SPD out how applicants should approach our residential design standards policies, including guidance on extensions and minimum room sizes. The SPD was updated in 2015 in response to national government implementing changes to how new homes are required to be built.

You can find further information about Residential Design Standards SPD here.

Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) SPD

This sets out the councils approach to Section 106 legal agreements and the Community Infrastructure Levy, which are related to new developments.

You can find further information about Section 106 and CIL SPD here.

Sustainability assessments

Sets out how sustainability assessments should be carried out to determine the social, environmental and economic sustainability of a particular development.

You can find further information about Sustainability assessments SPD here.

Sustainable design and construction

The SPD below sets out the council’s approach to sustainable design and construction policies in the local plan. Parts have been superseded by the Mayor of London’s Sustainable Design and Construction SPG.

You can find urther information about Sustainable Design and Construction SPD here.

Outdoor advertisements and signage SPG

The document below sets out development guidance for outdoor advertising and signage in relation to planning applications.

Telecommunications SPG

The SPG below provides guidance on the process for telecommunication development within the borough.

Past SPDs

If there's an old supplementary planning document/guidance that you'd like an electronic copy of, contact the planning policy team.

Page last updated: 11 June 2019