Southwark Plan 2022

Main modifications

Consultation on the Main Modifications to the New Southwark Plan was open from 6 August to 24 September 2021

As with the previous consultations, at this stage we were required to ask whether the plan is legal and meets the “Tests of Soundness”. 

The council’s proposed changes to the submitted New Southwark Plan (August 2020) and other examination documents can be viewed on Chapter 4: Examination documents

Consultation documents

Supporting documents

Main modifications and additional modifications 

Main modifications are material changes to the submitted plan which are necessary to make it sound and legally compliant.  “Additional modifications” (minor modifications) are proposed amendments that are not necessary for soundness. During the consulation, we only asked for comments about the main modification, but we accepted comments about additional modifications as well.

Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)

The IIA is a document that assesses sustainability, equalities and health. The IIA looks at the effect that the policies in the NSP will have on the different growth scenarios. The council writes an IIA for all policy documents, and we review and monitor the IIA throughout the plan preparation process. As a result of the main and minor amendments, the IIA was updated.

Page last updated: 24 August 2022

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