Southwark Plan 2022

Statements of Common Ground

Southwark Council is required to comply with Section 33A of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. The Act states that each local planning authority must co-operate with all statutory consultees, including neighbouring local planning authorities, to maximise the effectiveness of development plan documents.

The New Southwark Plan Proposed Submission Version: Duty to Cooperate Statement (document DCS01) provides information on the constructive, active and continuous process of engagement which has underpinned the preparation of the plan

During the preparation of the New Southwark Plan, strategic matters were identified and discussed by the council and relevant parties and where possible, common ground was reached on these matters as demonstrated in the Statements of Common Ground (submission documents SCG01-SCG16, and EIP64).  

The council are also preparing Statements of Common Ground with 43 individual respondents and organisations. These statements are due to be completed by Tuesday 16 February and will be published online. However, some statements may require further time to resolve.

The Inspectors have issued advice on the Statements of Common Ground relating to Part 1 of the Hearing Sessions could be signed/agreed by Friday 26 March 2021. Please refer to the guidance note issued by the Inspectors which can be found here: EIP185 - inspectors Advice on Statements of Common ground (11 March 2021) (pdf, 90kb)

These groups requested a statement:

These people requested a statement:

  • Eileen Conn - Part 1 (pdf, 272kb) and Part 2 (pdf, 399kb)
  • Richard Lee - Part 1 (pdf, 649kb) and Part 2 (pdf, 536kb)

Page last updated: 23 November 2022

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