Southwark Plan 2022

Examination documents

Documents for consultation on Proposed changes to the Submitted New Southwark Plan August 2020:

Other relevant documents for examination have also been sorted by theme below:

Administrative documents

Representations received to Proposed Submission Version and Amended Policies Version

Area visions and site allocations

Old Kent Road AAP December 2020

Strategic Policy 1: Quality affordable homes (covering P1 - P11 [Submission version] / P71 [Amended Policies Version])

Strategic policy 2: Regeneration that works for all

Strategic Policy 3: Social regeneration to revitalise neighbourhoods

Strategic policy 4: Strong local economy

Strategic policy 5: Healthy, active lives (covering P44 - P54)

Strategic Policy 6: Cleaner, greener, safer (covering P55 - P69)

Implementation policies


Representations received to the Consultation on the Proposed Changes to the Submitted New Southwark Plan 

Statement of common ground/statutory consultee's response


Page last updated: 23 November 2022

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