Local plan

Southwark's planning policy documents

Our planning policy documents consist of: 

We're also preparing an Area Action Plan (AAP) for Old Kent Road.

All adopted and current documents are listed in the table below.


Type of document

Date of adoption

Southwark Plan (2022) (PDF, 63.3mb)

Local Plan

February 2022

Adopted Policies Map

Local Plan

February 2022

South Bank and Waterloo Neighbourhood Plan (PDF, 4.6mb)

Neighbourhood Plan

July 2020

Heritage SPD (PDF, 14.6mb)


October 2021

Development Viability SPD (PDF, 736kb)


March 2016

Section 106 Planning Obligations and Community Infrastructure Levy SPD (PDF, 3.1mb)

(Replaced Planning Obligations (Section 106) SPD 2007, adopted 2011; updated with addendum January 2017 (Old Kent Road transport); amended in November 2020 (Carbon Offset Price))


April 2015

Dulwich SPD (PDF, 1.7mb)


 July 2013

Residential Design Standards SPD (PDF, 824kb)

(Updated with a technical update in 2015)


October 2011

Affordable Housing SPD 2008 (PDF, 1.8mb) and draft Affordable Housing SPD 2011 (PDF, 1.5mb)


September 2008

Design and Access Statements SPD (PDF, 887kb)


September 2007

Telecommunications Supplementary Planning Guidance (PDF, 688kb)


November 2004

Outdoor Advertisements and Signage Supplementary Planning Guidance (PDF, 901kb)


November 2004

Statement of Community Involvement (2022) (PDF, 361kb) and Development Consultation Charter (PDF, 235kb)

Other local statutory documents

December 2022

Community Infrastructure Levy charging schedule

(First came into effect on 1 April 2015; revised in 2017)

Other local statutory documents

April 2015

Annual Monitoring Report

Other local statutory documents

Updated annually

What is the Local Plan?

The Local Plan is a set of documents that include our planning policies for Southwark. The Plan includes:

  • the regeneration strategy for the borough
  • policies that are used to make decisions on planning applications
  • key development sites with land use and urban design requirements
  • visions for each of the borough’s neighbourhoods

Our latest Local Plan – the Southwark Plan 2022

The Southwark Plan 2022 is our latest Local Plan. It was adopted by the Council Assembly on 23 February 2022. This means we are using the Southwark Plan 2022 policies to assess all planning applications.

You can view all the adopted plan documents below:

The Southwark Plan 2022 is backed by a number of supporting documents. They provide a robust evidence base for the proposed policy and ensure that plans meet relevant equalities and sustainability criteria. These include:

What has happened to the previous Local Plan?

The Southwark Plan 2022 has replaced the following documents:

  • Saved Southwark Plan (2007) 
  • Core Strategy (2011) 
  • Canada Water Area Action Plan (2015) 
  • Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan (2014)  
  • Aylesbury Area Action Plan (2010)  

You can still look at these documents on the historic plans and guidance page.

Decision-making in the plan-making process

There are 3 ways that decisions can be made on whether to adopt planning policy documents.

  1. Council Assembly

    • approves budget and policy frameworks

    • decides whether the Local Plan is ready to be submitted for Examination

    • decides when to adopt a plan

  2. Cabinet

    • decides on resources and priorities

    • decides on how to deliver and implement the approved budget and policy frameworks

    • agrees consultation on the council’s policy frameworks, key strategic documents and decisions

  3. Individual cabinet members

    • decide on matters that fall within their responsibility

    • all key decisions taken by individual cabinet members are listed on the Forward Plan

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Page last updated: 26 January 2023

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