Evidence base

Planning for investment for walking, cycling and public transport infrastructure is a crucial role of planning. The following studies have been developed to help support our transport and highways planning policies and guidance. You can also find our wider transport plans and strategies in the next chapter of this section.

Old Kent Road surface transport study

The Old Kent Road Surface Transport Study has developed series of corridor-wide and location-specific surface transport interventions at a concept level, informed by the current and future functions of the corridor.

Peckham town centre

The purpose of these studies was to look at walking and cycling movements and to review car parking and property servicing provision in and around Peckham town centre. The studies identify opportunities for a better, safer walking environment and a more efficient approach to providing and managing car parking and servicing of businesses.

Rotherhithe multi-modal development impact study

This study identifies the short and long-term transport impacts on the Canada Water regeneration area within Rotherhithe during multiple peak travel periods. The study assesses the impact of development and major transport proposals in the local and adjacent areas.

Walking and cycle demand studies

These studies identify demand and opportunities to improve the walking and cycling networks.

Traffic data

We monitor traffic on Southwark roads. Headline data from 2008 visit:

Transport plan

The Southwark Transport Plan identifies how we will improve travel to, within and from the borough. It sets out our long term goals and transport objectives for the borough, a three year programme of investment and our targets and outcomes.

Sustainable modes of transport strategy 2009-2019

The sustainable modes of travel (SMoT) strategy sets out how we aim to help children and young people, including those with special educational needs, to use sustainable modes of transport safely and easily. The strategy has been prepared by the council's transport planning and children's services teams and looks at current patterns of travel and barriers and sets out ways to improve sustainable travel.

Page last updated: 02 February 2018