Economy, employment and business

You can find our borough-wide studies and background papers about the local economy, employment, business and retail below. Our area specific documents can be found in part 2 and 3 of this page.


You can read part 1 of our employment land review below. You can find part 2 of this review, about the Old Kent Road Opportunity Area here.

Background papers provide a rationale for our adopted and emerging planning polices and guidance. You can read the Core Strategy background paper below:



London Southbank University High Street Surveys

In 2015, London Southbank University (LSBU) was commissioned to carry out studies of our high streets. The studies have individual reports on each high street in the borough, which can be found on our area-specific employment evidence base page. The summary and methodology report can be found below:

Page last updated: 07 June 2019