Local plan

Historic plans

Saved Southwark Plan and Core Strategy 

The Southwark Plan 2022 has replaced the Saved Southwark Plan and the Core Strategy as the local development plan for the borough. You can download these documents below:

Area Action Plans

Some of our old Area Action Plans have been replaced by the Southwark Plan 2022. The Southwark Plan 2022 includes the policies and site allocations from these documents: 

Southwark Unitary Development Plan (1995)

The Southwark Unitary Development Plan (1995) was the former local development document, which was superseded by the Saved Southwark Plan (2007) and Core Strategy (2011). You can download the documents and proposal maps below:

London Plan

The London Plan forms part of our wider development plan. You can download old version of the London Plan below:

Page last updated: 08 April 2022

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