Equalities assessment

The Law requires local authorities to undertake a sustainability appraisal when preparing new plans. The council is required to consider the impact of new plans on equalities and health of the residents in the borough - which involves considering groups with protected characteristics as defined by the Equalities Act (2010). A strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is also required to meet European Union Legislation.

The Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) consists of three areas of assessment, a sustainability assessment, an equalities assessment and a health assessment to identify the likely effects of the policies proposed in different growth scenarios and any need for mitigation. It incorporates the sustainability appraisal, SEA and equalities and health impacts in one document called the integrated impact assessment. This integrated approach seeks to reduce any duplication of assessment work and benefits from a shared understanding of the policies. The council undertakes an IIA for all policy documents which is reviewed and monitored throughout the plan preparation process.

Please see below for a list of IIAs that the council has prepared previously:

New Southwark Plan:

Old Kent Road Area Action Plan:

Page last updated: 14 February 2018