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We're delighted to invite you to the opening of the ‘Museum of Us’ exhibition to launch the new community space at 231 Old Kent Road. The Museum of Us is a free exhibition with series of events celebrating the Old Kent Road’s rich and diverse history & population, past and present.

Hosted at 231 Old Kent Road, to launch this new community space.

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Information on the Old Kent Road Forums can be found here.
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Together with the Greater London Authority, we're preparing a new plan for the Old Kent Road and surrounding area. This follows the Mayor of London formally designating the Old Kent Road Opportunity Area in the London Plan.

Old Kent Road Planning and Regeneration update

An update report was prepared for consideration by Southwark’s Cabinet on 16 July 2019. The report includes a number of updates and two recommendations including piloting a Community Review Panel in the Old Kent Road and a further review of the Old Kent Road AAP by the Design Review Panel. The Cabinet Report and Consultation Report can be downloaded below:

The further preferred option version of the Old Kent Road AAP was prepared following our consultation on the first draft last summer. The consultation on this stage of consultation has now concluded. To view a copy of our consultation summary click here (pdf, 9mb).

Please see below for the Plan and the supporting documents.

Further draft of the Old Kent Road AAP consultation

The further draft has been prepared in response to previous consultations. This consultation sets out a second draft (preferred option) of the AAP to ensure that all residents and visitors have the opportunity to consult on all policies before the formal ‘proposed submission version’ stage.

How to comment

Click here for more information on the consultation including how to comment on the plan.

Agreement with the GLA on the Phased Release of Strategic Industrial Land

Southwark Council, and the GLA, have, by exchange of letter have confirmed an agreed approach to the phased release of Strategic Industrial Land for mixed use development that would include a range of commercial uses including distribution and light industrial uses in the Old Kent Road Opportunity Area. These letters, and associated plans are available to view below.

The draft Old Kent Road AAP, the New Southwark Plan and the draft New London Plan would still need to be subject to an Examination In Public (EiP) and approval of the Secretary of State before they become the adopted development plan position. It should also be noted that there have been a number of objections to the proposed release of industrial land from third parties which would need to be considered at the EiP.

General information about the Old Kent Road Area Action Plan

The plan will guide and manage new development and growth in the area over the next 20 years.

The plan provides a vision and objectives as well as policies on:

  • a strategy for growth in business and industry including doubling the number of jobs
  • locations for 20,000 new homes, including new council homes
  • a revitalised high street with shopping and town centre facilities
  • the design and heights of buildings and spaces
  • improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, including new links and making existing routes safer
  • public transport improvements, including an extension to the Bakerloo Line and new underground stations
  • the infrastructure needed to support growth such as schools, open space and public realm, health and other community facilities

The Old Kent Road Area Action Plan will also be an Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF), meaning it will be used by the Mayor of London to make planning decisions.

Please see below for more information on previous consultation stages.

Evidence base

We've published a series of studies and evidence base documents to support our approach to the regeneration of the Old Kent Road area in the plan. These include:

360 aerial photography

Interactive 360 degree aerial drone photography of the area is available to view using the following links:

Consultation and next steps

We're now consulting on a further draft of the Old Kent Road AAP until 21 March 2017. Following the close of this consultation we will carefully consider all the feedback we receive. We'll then make any required amendment to the plan and publish and consult on the proposed submission version. The draft plan will then be submitted to the Secretary of state for a public examination.

Previous rounds of consultation

New and amended preferred option policies consultation

Following previous rounds of consultation (see below), between June and September 2017 the council  consulted on a set of new and amended policies for the preferred option stage of the Old Kent Road Area Action. This ‘interim’ consultation sets out:

  • new and amended planning policies including a new draft CAZ and town centre boundary, a new social regeneration policy, new and amended business and employment policies and amended environmental policies
  • new and amended site allocations

See the following documents for the documents which were consulted on:

You can view and download the supporting documents below:

June 2016 preferred option draft

The council consulted on the first draft of the plan between June and November 2016. Thank you to everyone who submitted comments. We're carefully considering all responses received and will use the feedback to inform the next draft of the plan.

We've prepared a summary of the key issues raised though the consultation (pdf, 414kb) undertaken between June and November 2016. We'll be preparing a more thorough consultation report for publication alongside the next draft of the AAP later in 2017.

Supporting documents to the Old Kent Road AAP June 2016 preferred option

You can read supporting documents for the Old Kent Road AAP / OAPF June 2016 preferred option below:

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