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Consultations to date

Old Kent Road Forum (2018-19)

A monthly public forum has been set up for 2018-19 and takes place in the Old Kent Road. The forum includes exhibitions from developers who have submitted planning applications in the area. It also includes workshops with Cabinet Member Johnson Situ and ward councillors Evelyn Akoto, Michael Situ and Richard Livingstone.

Old Kent Road Forum 1 (September 2018)
Theme: Introductions and general discussion
Forum Flyer September 2018 (PDF, 2.9mb)
Forum agenda September 2018 (PDF, 627kb)

Old Kent Road Forum 2 (October 2018)
Theme: Transport
Forum Flyer October 2018 (PDF, 192kb)
Southwark Presentation (PDF, 460kb)
TFL Presentation (PDF, 2.2mb)

Old Kent Road Forum 3 (November 2018)
Theme: Business and workspace
Forum Flyer November 2018 (PDF, 216kb)
Presentations (PDF, 13.1mb)

Old Kent Road Forum 4 (December 2018)
Theme: Tall buildings: design, location and how they can help deliver affordable homes
Forum Flyer December 2018 (PDF, 202kb)
Workshop presentation (PDF, 15mb)

Old Kent Road Forum 5 (January 2019)
Theme: Open space
Forum Flyer January 2019 (PDF, 80kb)
Fabrik Presentation (PDF, 41.9mb)
Patel Taylor Presentation (PDF, 37.2mb)
Old Kent Road Planning Approvals (PDF, 1.6mb)

Old Kent Road Forum 6 (February 2019)
Theme: How developer contributions (S106) and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) can address local needs
Forum Flyer February 2019 (PDF, 78kb)
CIL and S106 presentation (PDF, 426kb)

Old Kent Road Forum 7 (March 2019)
Theme: Building for the Future - Design Quality
Forum Flyer March 2019 (PDF, 294kb)


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