Consultations to date

Early engagement on the Old Kent Road AAP

The preparation of the Old Kent Road Area Action Plan (AAP) was frontloaded with early local engagement and consultation. This was to ensure we best captured how you felt about the area in the plan.

Early walkabouts

In 2013, the council hosted two walkabout sessions and a workshop (pdf, 945kb) to collect people’s views on the Old Kent Road and the surrounding area. You can read the report about the walkabouts (pdf, 7.9mb).

Early local business engagement

In October and November 2014, together with the Greater London Authority (GLA), the council walked around the Old Kent Road Opportunity Area and knocked on every business’ door to tell them about the council’s and the Mayor of London’s aspirations for the future of the area. We gave every business a flyer (pdf, 273kb) and information, and interviewed as many operators and owners of businesses as possible. We did this to better understand:

  • the type of businesses based in the area
  • how many people they employ
  • their current and future needs for space and employees
  • the reasons they were based around the Old Kent Road
  • what they thought could be improved about the area

The output of this work was the Old Kent Road Employment Study, which can be found in our evidence base section.

Community forum set up in early 2015

Prior to working on the draft plan, the council set up a local community forum, to bring together local residents, businesses, community groups and interested persons to discuss what they liked or didn’t like about the Old Kent Road area. Meeting roughly every 4-8 weeks in different locations in the area between February 2015 and September 2016, each of the ten sessions had presentations, workshops and discussion across different themes which helped inform the plan.

You can find the invitation flyers, presentations and feedback summaries of each session on our community forum page.

Young people’s workshop

A young people’s workshop was held during spring 2016. The participants presented their ideas and aspirations for the future of their area at the subsequent community forum.

Further business engagement

Two sessions were held for local business owners and operators was held during October 2015 to gather their views. You can view the presentation and report on the feedback gathered during these sessions below.

Old Kent Road characterisation study workshop

In June 2015, Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners and the council hosted a consultation event with local interested people to discuss the urban character of the neighbourhoods within the Old Kent Road opportunity area. The feedback from the workshop fed directly into the Old Kent Road characterisation study, prepared by Allies and Morrison to inform the subsequent Old Kent Road Place - making study.

Page last updated: 28 October 2022

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