Headlines 2011/12 to 2016/17

You can find our housing delivery headlines below. You can also find more information, including detailed tables of figures, on this page.

Total net delivery

  • over 11,000 homes have been delivered in Southwark in the six year period between 2011/12 and 2016/17

Average net delivery per year

  • over 1,800 homes have been delivered in Southwark on average each year

Delivery of these homes

These homes have been delivered through a successful mix of:

  • large-scale regeneration schemes, with a mix of new-build, affordable and market self-contained homes as well as smaller scale new-build infill development
  • conversions from non-residential floorspace
  • extensions, subdivisions and the combining of existing homes
  • new purpose-built student bedrooms and hostels
  • long-term empty homes bought back into use as affordable homes (outside the planning system)

Total affordable homes (net)

A net total of nearly over 2,346 affordable homes have been delivered in the borough over the six year period, with just over 400 of these being long-term empty homes bought back into use and close to 1,800 being new-build.

Total family-sized homes (gross)

Over 1,900 family-sized homes (of three bedrooms or more) have been delivered across the four year reporting period.  47% of these have been affordable, at over 900 units. Of these, the overwhelming majority (91%) have been for social rent at 794 units.

Affordable home delivery against our 35% policy target (gross)

The figures below don't include empty homes brought back into use as affordable homes, unless it has been done so through the planning system.

Across the six year period:

  • 55% of new homes on schemes of ten units or more have been affordable, with a gross delivery of close to 3,000 affordable homes of a total of over 8142 homes (on schemes of ten units or more)
  • 77% of these affordable homes (over 1900 units) are social rented and 38% (over 937 units) are intermediate, such as shared ownership
  • 9% (223 units) have been delivered at 'affordable rent', of which the overwhelming majority (199 units) have been 1 and 2 bedroom units, leaving the larger family-sized homes to be available for social rent

Family sized-homes and affordable family sized homes delivery against our policy target

Across the six year period:

  • 21% of new homes on schemes of ten units (totalling over 8,000) or more have been family-sized with three or more bedrooms (at over 1600 units)
  • 55% (921 units) of these have been affordable, with the overwhelming majority at social rent (85%), or over 790 units

Please note, the Mayor of London has also published his 2015/16 update to the London-wide Authority Monitoring Report in July 2017 (known as AMR 13). The numbers for LB Southwark in the GLA’s AMR may vary slightly to those presented on these Southwark Council AMR webpages due to the reporting system, from which the figures are derived, being run at different times by the respective authorities. The source database (the London Development Database or LDD) is continually updated. Therefore the same report run at different times may provide slightly different results, due to the source data being amended in between.

Page last updated: 24 May 2018