Article 4 Directions

Following the amendment of the Use Classes Order in September 2020, former uses classes including Class A1, A2, A3 (retail), Class B1 (business) and parts of Class D1 (Non residential institutions) and D2 (Community and Leisure) were combined into a new Class E, which covers various commercial business and leisure uses.

From 1 August 2021, a permitted development right (Class MA) allows for the change of use from Class E (commercial, business and service) to Class C3 (Residential). The council has introduced Article 4 Directions to remove this permitted development right in certain parts of the borough.

In August 2020, a permitted development rights (Class ZA) was introduced which, subject to prior approval, permits the demolition of commercial or residential buildings and replacement with a single dwelling housing or block of flats. The council has introduced an Article 4 Direction to remove this permitted development right in certain parts of the borough.

Local planning authorities use Article 4 Directions to remove specific permitted development rights in all or parts of a local authority's area. The Article 4 Directions in Southwark are listed in the other parts of this web article.

When permitted development rights are removed in a local area, anyone wishing to carry out the described development will need to submit a planning application. The planning application will then be assessed against the relevant policies in the development plan  and any supporting guidance.

Please note that Article 4 Directions do not apply retrospectively to permitted development already undertaken

Permitted development rights

You can find more information about permitted development rights on the Planning Portal, the national website for basic planning information.

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Page last updated: 07 March 2024


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