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How the case will be investigated

The compliance and monitoring team receives many complaints in a year, from members of the public, elected members, local members of parliament, officers within the council and other professional agencies.

The council aims to log and acknowledge a request for an enforcement investigation within 3 days.  Shortly afterwards, a second letter, either requesting more information, or giving you the name of the enforcement officer handling the case will be sent.  If the additional information requested is not supplied, the investigation may not be commenced.

We aim to make a decision on 70% of cases within 12 weeks of the case being valid (ie the date that the request for an investigation, providing sufficient information, was received). This does not mean that the case is necessary closed: for example, if the decision is to take some sort of enforcement action, there is likely to be a lengthy period before the case can be finally concluded.

Officers will endeavour to keep you up to date with what is happening. For some cases, it may appear that nothing is happening for extended periods but this may be because there is time given for a property owner to comply with a notice, or an appeal may have been lodged.

You will be informed of the outcome of the investigation.

Officers will respond swiftly on receipt of a report of unauthorised work to a listed building or tree, or demolition of a building in a conservation area.

The following are instances where the planning enforcement team is not able to intervene or investigate:

  • neighbour disputes
  • breaches that have not yet occurred
  • property damage caused by building works
  • encroachment/boundary disputes
  • noise or dust from building works, or building works outside allowed hours
  • activities on the highway or items obstructing the highway
  • works to party walls

Page last updated: 08 November 2017


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