Planning Register: search, view and comment on planning applications

To view all applications and documents submitted to the council and to comment on an application, use the online planning register.

You can:

  • register online to search, view and comment on a planning application and view other related information or applications
  • get email alerts about planning in your area
  • make comments anytime 24/7

You can register here.

You can also view our fully interactive Southwark maps service. Using the menu on the left hand side of the map, you can turn on and off different filters to view a range of planning-related information, including planning applications yet to be decided, previous planning decisions, planning appeals, and boundaries of conservation areas or other sites of interest.

Alternatively, download and view our weekly list of notices, as displayed on Southwark News.

Commenting online

Use the online Planning Register to find out how to comment on a planning application.  

Please note the Planning Register is not a planning discussion forum

As the Planning Register (Public Access) is not a discussion forum, any comments received which are in response to comments by other consultees will not be published online or made public in any other way. For your comment to be published and taken into account when the final decision is made, it must not directly refer to comments made by others.

Comments received after the deadline, but before a decision is made, may still be taken into account

Applications you cannot comment on

Pre-application enquiries are the only application type which are not published on the Planning Register (Public Access) and which the public cannot comment on. This is because pre-application enquiries are often premature, at a very early stage of design resolution and/or commercially sensitive.

However, if an application for full planning permission is submitted to the council which is broadly similar to the scheme put forward at pre-application stage, the council will publish a copy of the formal pre-application response on the Planning Register (Public Access) as part of the full planning application file. The complete set of pre-application drawings and documents, except for any commercially sensitive information, can be supplied on request by contacting the case officer assigned to the application for full planning permission.

Any comments you wish to make should be submitted in relation to the live planning application and before the consultation period elapses to ensure they are taken into account when the final decision is made.

Page last updated: 12 August 2022

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