Planning Register: search, view and comment on planning applications

Guide on how to use the Planning Register


  • go to 'register'
  • enter your details and then go to 'next'
  • enter your postcode and then go to 'next'
  • select your address from the drop-down menu and then go to 'next'
  • read and agree the terms and conditions and then go to 'next' 
  • An email will be sent to the email you registered with. Ensure you click on the link in that email to activate your account

Search, view and comment on applications

  • login to the Planning Register 
  • select simple search
  • enter keyword, reference number, postcode or address, and select 'search' 

Sign up for email notifications on planning applications

  • login to the Planning Register
  • select 'advanced search'
  • under 'application details' select criteria that are important to you (this might be ward, for example, 'Peckham Rye' only, or it might be more specific such as ward: 'Peckham Rye', and application type: 'Prior Approval')
  • select 'search' (this will present you with ALL applications that fit your search criteria, present and historic)
  • select 'save search'
  • change the title for your search, for example 'Prior approvals on Peckham High Street'
  • under 'saved search options', check the box next to 'notify me via email about new search results' and then 'save'
  • if you're interested in following the progress of a specific planning application, you can ‘track’ the application
    • when a tracked application is modified or decided, you'll receive an email notification; you can stop tracking an application at any time by removing it from your Tracked Applications list

If you need more help

For more details, download our Planning Register public access guide (pdf, 925kb).

Page last updated: 12 August 2022

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