Find out if you need planning permission

Planning permission for listed buildings and advertisements

Work to a listed building

Listed building consent is required for all works to demolish, alter or extend a listed building. These works will also usually require planning permission. Listed building consent is also required for internal works and repairs if they affect the character or the significance of the building.

There is no fee to apply for listed building consent. Our design and conservation team can provide advice about listed building works. You can also find information about listed building consent (external website) on the Planning Portal.

Work within a conservation area

You will need to apply for permission if you wish to demolish a building, or part of a building within a conservation area. Find out more about conservation areas.

Work on a protected tree or trees within a conservation area

Trees are normally protected in one of two ways, either by Tree Preservation Order or if the trees themselves stand within a designated Conservation Area. You will need to apply before starting works to either types of these trees. You can read the Planning Portal's advice on trees and hedges (external website) and our council guidance on trees.

The display of advertisements

Some forms of advertisement benefit from something called 'deemed consent' and can be put up without approval from us. The government's free booklet, Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers (external website) contains useful advice. Please note that it is a criminal offence to display an advert that requires our consent without first getting that consent.

Page last updated: 11 October 2022

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