Comment on planning applications

You can view all of our live applications and submit your comments on an application using the Planning Register.

For help on how to sign up and search for planning applications using the public access to Planning Register use our guide.

Each application will have a start and end date for the consultation period. You should ensure your comments reach us before the expiry of the consultation period shown for the application. The application will not be decided before this period expires.

Comments received after the deadline, but before a decision is made, may still be taken into account
Please be aware that once you have submitted your comment there will be a delay of approximately one working day before the comment is published on the Planning Register. The delay is necessary to allow the council to redact personal information as well as any derogatory or offensive content from the comment

Comments marked 'confidential' will not be taken into consideration.

What you can comment on

The following checklist gives examples of the type of thing you can comment on that will be taken into account in deciding the application:

  • design and size of the development
  • use proposed
  • traffic generation and parking
  • will it be a nuisance because of noise etc
  • will it fit in with the surrounding area
  • will it affect my amenity in terms of daylight, privacy etc
  • how it complies with planning policies and guidance
  • possible Section 106 planning contributions or benefits for the community that could be secured from the proposal
  • any other relevant material planning or environmental issues.

You can follow the link for a full list of material planning considerations.

Objections or comments based on personal grounds, such as the sex or race of the applicant, the effect on the value of your property or private views, boundary disputes or competition for your business are not valid material planning considerations and will not be taken into account.

Understanding and using planning terminology

When viewing the details and supporting documents for a planning application, you may come across terms and document types you are unfamiliar with the meaning of. This glossary provides definitions of planning terminology and document types to help you better understand the nature of the application and to assist you in writing any comments you may wish to submit.

Page last updated: 12 August 2022

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