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Apply for planning permission

Appealing your decision

You can appeal our decision if your planning application is refused. You can also appeal against any conditions on your planning permission. 

Appeals are managed by the Planning Inspectorate.

Appeal a planning decision

When can I appeal?

You can make an appeal:

  • up to 3 months after we've made a decision for your householder application
  • up to 6 months after we've made a decision for other application types

We will send a letter to anyone who commented on the original application so that they know about the appeal.

Can anyone make an appeal?

Only the person who made the application can appeal a planning decision. If you did not make the application but you're unhappy with the decision, look at our complaints and compliments guidance to find out how you can comment.

If we respond to you but you're still unhappy with the decision, you can call the Local Government Ombudsman on 0845 602 1983.

Page last updated: 21 November 2023


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