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Conservation areas

Trinity Church Square

The Trinity Church Square Conservation Area is situated to the south-east of The Borough. Trinity Street forms the northern boundary of the conservation area, and runs between Borough High Street and Great Dover Street. Falmouth Road runs north-south between Trinity Street and Harper Road and forms the eastern boundary of the conservation area. To the west Trinity Church Square and the junction of Trinity and Swan Streets form a natural boundary. The Trinity Church Square was completed in entirety within a comparatively short period in the early 19th century. The terraces forming both Trinity Church and Merrick Squares have strong group value. The main characteristics of the conservation area are the uniformity of the design of the terraces and its two grand squares. The focal point of the conservation area is the Henry Wood Hall, former Holy Trinity Church at the centre of Trinity Church Square.

You can view our interactive map of Trinity Church Square conservation area.

Trinity Church Square - designated 27 September 1968

Page last updated: 11 July 2024


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