Conservation areas

Walworth Road

The Walworth Road Conservation Area is located south of Elephant and Castle town centre, within the commercial core of Walworth and principally centres on the Walworth Road and the northern end of Camberwell Road. The conservation area is mainly defined by one principle arterial road linear in character, which exhibits roadside buildings (housing, retail and civic) from all stages of its historical development from the later 18th century through to mid-20th century.  In contrast, the character of the streets off the Walworth Road and the northern section of the Camberwell Road are defined by 19th and early 20th century housing. The railway line, constructed in the mid 19th century, runs parallel with the Walworth Road has defined the western side of the conservation area. Open land and former gardens were filled in with predominantly industrial and manufacturing uses, in a small number of locations this character has been retained.

You can view our interactive map of Walworth Road conservation area.

Walworth Road – designated 22 March 2016

Page last updated: 11 July 2024


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