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Conservation areas

Sunray Estate

The Sunray Estate Conservation Area comprises the Sunray Estate, which is located on Denmark Hill within North Dulwich. It encompasses the streets Sunray Avenue, Sunray Gardens, Casino Avenue, Nairne Grove, Red Post Hill, and part of Herne Hill. The area extends downwards to the south towards North Dulwich Station to include St. Faith’s Church and vicarage. Sunray Estate is a relatively small-scale conservation area, made up of cottage housing that is arranged in a distinctively uniform layout. Constructed between 1920-22 the conservation area is a fine example of a smaller garden suburb development. The cottage character is accentuated by a rather rural setting consisting of mature tree-lined streets, culs-de-sac, and very generous front gardens that are set off from the streets. The conservation area is the subject of an Article 4 Direction, confirmed by the Secretary of State on 13 November 1987, under which some categories of external alterations, which would otherwise constitute “Permitted Development”, are subject to control.

You can view our interactive map of Sunray Estate conservation area.

Sunray Estate - designated 20 January 2009

Page last updated: 18 July 2023


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