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Conservation areas

Peckham Hill Street

The Peckham Hill Street Conservation Area is located directly to the north of the commercial core of Peckham. The conservation area is principally centred on Peckham Hill Street, the southern edge of the conservation area is bounded by the Rye Lane Peckham Conservation Area; northwards the conservation area extends to Willowbrook Bridge. Essentially the conservation area is based upon a group of early to mid-19th century housing with structures and open spaces associated with the former Grand Surrey Canal. The conservation area is largely characterised by flat yellow front stock brick houses, either in terraces or in semi-detached pairs. These buildings vary in height from two and three stories (with attics) and one, two or three bays in width.

You can view our interactive map of Peckham Hill Street conservation area.

Peckham Hill Street - designated 18 October 2011

Page last updated: 11 July 2024


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