Victory Community Park

We're seeking to make improvements to Victory Community Park.

Victory Community Park
Victory Community Park

Our aims are:

  • east and west connections around and through the park, as part of East Walworth Green Links; this will take into account the current closure of the pedestrian bridge in the park
  • to improve the look of the park to make it a more welcoming and safe space
  • to increase the number of visits to the park; surveys in 2019 showed the park is underused in comparison to other similar parks in the borough

What's next

The final design consultation is now open and closes on Monday 27 September 2021. View the latest design and leave comments.

We've summarised public feedback from the second consultation into a report that you can read below. The comments from the final design consultation and confirmed next steps will be updated here.








Page last updated: 18 August 2021

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