Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park masterplan

The council began consulting about improvements to Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park in early 2016, when we launched the first phase of consultation and gathered a wide range of suggestions and ideas for improving the park. Your feedback was then used to inform the creation of a draft masterplan for the park, developed by architects Foster and Partners.

In late 2016, we consulted on this draft masterplan. While many welcomed the plans, others had concerns about the location of the outdoor play area and provision for dog walkers. The final masterplan proposals seek to address these and other concerns that were raised.

Our objectives are to:

  • increase the sense of space in the park, encouraging appropriate use of all areas of the park, removing unnecessary fencing and avoiding tucked away spaces to discourage anti-social behaviour
  • create visual links across the park by using a coherent palette of planting and materials
  • make circulation around the park easier
  • provide a balance of facilities for all park users
  • ensure that changes are easy to maintain and sustainable
  • enhance the park’s biodiversity value
  • create a sense of open space and improve connectivity between existing spaces

The masterplan recognises that changes should be ‘light touch’, preserving much of the park’s existing and successful features.

As a priority, we will be investing in the play area with a view to making it a top quality facility, and will be consulting on the design later this year.

You can download and view the Masterplan report:

Page last updated: 26 June 2017