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Virtual estate permits

As from 22 July 2020, all Southwark owned estate permits will become virtual. You will no longer receive a paper permit to display. Enforcement officers will be able to confirm if you have a valid permit from our new parking system.

To apply for a permit, you will need to set up a online account .

Estate parking terms and conditions

Parking permits (virtual)

We provide different types of permits for parking on estates.

Estate parking permits

Our estate parking permits are for residents who elected to join a controlled parking scheme. The permits are valid for up to one year from date of issue and may be renewed up to 21 days before the expiry date (early renewal is recommended).  A condition of use leaflet will be attached for information. You must provide your Rent and Council Tax account number.

If you use a company vehicle, you must provide a letter (on headed paper) from the employer to prevent any delay in processing the application.

Please note that when applying for a permit on one of our estates within Southwark Council, your vehicle must be registered to the address to which you are applying.  Where you can park is normally based on your address.  When applying for an estates parking permit, the following documentation is required.

Resident permits

  • proof of address - utility bill, Council Tax bill or tenancy agreement
  • your vehicle log book (V5) (proof you own the vehicle)
  • your driver's licence
  • your MOT certificate
  • your insurance certificate
  • company letter (on headed paper)

Additional resident permits

Some estates allow you to have a second estate parking permit per household.  This is at the discretion of the Estates Parking Manager or the Resident Services Officer and also depends on the size of the estate.

Please be advised that before your permit is renewed, the council will check the DVLA database to ensure that you have valid Tax and MOT before renewing your permit.

Carers permits

A carers permit helps residents who need medical support from social services. The person receiving care (adult or child) must be registered on the estate and residency checks will be carried out on the person receiving care.

The council recognises the need for carers to visit council estates whilst carrying out resident/patient care. The estate carers parking permit allows you to park without risk of enforcement in dedicated bays on estates where indicated. 

In order to qualify for this permit, you must provide medical evidence and vehicle documents with the application form.

To qualify for a carers permit, the council will require:

  • the carer’s vehicle details
  • a support letter from your local General Practitioner (GP), Social Services or Senior Practitioner (on headed paper) providing name and address of person receiving care, as well as providing Carers information. (No medical /clinical details required).

Please note that on renewal of permit, GP letter is not required.

(Resident Services Officer can also be contacted to confirm residents medical condition)

* As the carer’s permit is charged at a concession, this should not be used as a way to avoid payment for a second permit.

Any vehicle that does not have a valid virtual permit or clearly displaying a valid physical permit, will be issued a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), depending on the type of enforcement vehicle at the time of the offence. You must update your online account of any change of vehicle so that a replacement or temporary virtual permit may be issued to park on the estate.

Visitors permit

Residents in possession of an estate visitor’s parking permit can park on estates where permitted, that have a parking scheme in operation. There is a charge for the estates visitor’s parking permit (please see below). Only residents can apply for this permit, however, consideration will be given to those residents who experience difficulties visiting your local MySouthwark service points (subject to change). Please note that as well as being Virtual, there will also be the paper estates visitor’s parking permit, which will need to be displayed clearly in the vehicle if necessary.

Visitors to the estate must display a valid paper permit (if not virtual) in their windscreen so that the Civil Enforcement Officers can see that the information recorded is correct (estates visitor’s parking permit must be completed in ink). If you make a mistake validating your visitor’s permit, you must fill in a new box (permit use on reverse of visitor’s permit). If the Visitor’s permit is altered in any way, we will take enforcement action against you. You must tell your visitors and friends that they will receive a Penalty Charge Notice, if the permit is altered or they are not parked correctly within the parking bays / parking areas within the estate.

Business permits

If it is necessary for your business to park on an estate, you can apply for a Southwark Wide virtual parking permit. These permits may have time restrictions where parking is in demand with limited parking spaces.  As previously stated above, inline with the Residents and Carers parking permits, the Southwark Wide parking permits will also be virtual.

Please note that certain vehicles are not allowed to park within Southwark Council’s exclusion zone. The council have an exclusion zone, where you are not allowed to park, unless you have special permission to do so. Staff who qualify for the permit will require special permission to enter the exclusion zone by way of an email from HR or Managers requesting this.

The following conditions will need to be fulfilled to require a virtual permit to be processed to park across Southwark Council’s estates.

  1. A term contractor would have satisfied all the criteria under the gateway outcome (partnering contractors and contractors framework contract) 
  2. Email from the manager confirming approval of the contractor is signed off
  3. Vehicles should be signed for identification where possible
  4. Make them aware of the their responsibilities (parking regulations insert link/portal)to assist
  5. Congestion & ULEZ charges will not will be our responsibility unless prior agreement
  6. Senior managers will be required to monitor these contractors - they themselves will require parking permits to monitor the contractor to ensure that they are compliant with our Terms and Conditions for parking
  7. Backroom staff will provide  emergency support if vehicles are required to be changed
  8. Daily dispensation will be available to assist with change of vehicles to maintain consistent level of service
  9. Once you have completed the online application, this will automatically go to the back office to be processed

You must park in the estates dedicated parking bays / parking areas. If your vehicle is in breach of the estate parking terms and conditions, it may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice or where necessary, removed from the estate.

Disabled parking

Wherever possible, we will try to provide parking for disabled residents and visitors. We can't guarantee disabled bays for residents unless medical evidence (in receipt of Personal Independence Payment, over 8 points for mobility) supports their case. To qualify for the permit, the council will require a supporting letter from your local GP, Social Services or Senior Practitioner. 

Blue badge holders rights and responsibility

Page last updated: 24 July 2020

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