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Virtual estate permits

As from 22 July 2020, all Southwark owned estate permits will become virtual. You will no longer receive a paper permit to display. Enforcement officers will be able to confirm if you have a valid permit from our new parking system.

To apply for a permit, you will need to set up a online account .

Estate parking terms and conditions

Parking on the estate

Inline with on-street parking, the estates parking permit team have implemented sooner than planned, the virtual permit scheme, which we hope will have financial benefits to the service.  Once you have applied for your permit and received confirmation that it has been processed, the information will automatically be sent to our enforcement contractors, where it will be downloaded onto the Civil Enforcement Officers handheld device, thus allowing checks to be carried out on vehicles that park on estates, operating an estates parking permit scheme. This in turn, will reduce the amount of paper that is used and ensure that all permits, once renewed, are automatically sent over to the enforcement team. Also having a virtual permit system helps to reduce the money spent on paper, printers, ink, postage and condenses the storage space in the office.

Tenants are required to register for virtual permits to park on their own estates. There are more details below about how you can obtain your virtual permits. The local schemes give priority to local residents, but where there is enough space the scheme can include carers. 

Not all housing estates have a parking scheme; access your online account to find out about your estate's parking arrangements.

Page last updated: 24 July 2020

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