Estate parking terms and conditions

Tenants understand that the increasing use of cars is creating environmental, health and safety problems on many housing estates. Many estates were built before motor vehicles became a common form of transport and there is often no space for cars to be parked. We're committed to making Southwark a greener and cleaner place, so we must place controls on the access and use of cars on housing estates. The conditions of tenancy contain rules about car parking.

The rules about parking on Housing estates are different from the public roads. However, the rules about driving speeds and safe driving still apply. We've developed the parking schemes on individual estates after consulting tenant representatives. These local parking schemes set out where tenants can park and mark out areas of land where cars should not be parked. These are marked with yellow lines and cross hatched yellow lines. 

Tenants need permits to park on their own estates. There are more details below about how you can get permits. The local schemes give priority to local residents, but where there is enough space the scheme can include carers. 

Not all Housing estates have a parking scheme; contact us to find out about your estate's parking arrangements.

Page last updated: 02 February 2018